Lending Market

  • Appraisals for jumbo loans, we specialize in high end and complex assignments.

  • Knowledge of the five county market with strong emphasis on Philadelphia County.

  • Speedy and accurate.

  • Writing reports that need minimal review work on the most complex properties.

  • Making your underwriting task stream lined.

AMC Market

  • We offer volume discount pricing.

  • More staff for more updating, keeping you current at all times.

  • We accept the assignments that other companies turn back.

  • Resilient to handle large groups of orders and still stay on time.

  • We return e-mails promptly, update your web sites, so you always know the status of an order.

Private Market

  • When you call us for a private assignment, we make every effort to have an appraiser answer the phone to answer your questions.

  • We will lead you thru each step needed, to have you order the correct appraisal for your needs.

  • When we come to your property, you will be greeted by a professionally attired appraiser that will understand the privilege of walking thru your property.

  • If is it an investment property, be assured that our appraisers have backgrounds in real estate investment.

  • If it is divorce or estate, we will understand the situation and work to get you the proper report.